More than 60 years at your service!

We are a highly qualified commercial enterprise which has always prided itself on treating its customers with courtesy, respect and professionalism, in both before and after sales services. 

Many of the most prestigious brands have chosen Ricca srl as their partner to provide customer support to their clientele.

Our company has been operating on the domestic market since 1949, initially in engine tuning and precision turning, subsequently moving into the distribution of marine, industrial and agricultural spare parts and engines and then diversifying into Networking, IT services and the construction of gears and mechanical parts.

Industry leaders in the distribution of agricultural, marine and industrial spare parts in Italy and abroad, Ricca Spare Parts Division is a highly specialised commercial enterprise with a strong focus on customer-satisfaction. This means that at every level of organisation we strive to provide services which are of benefit to our customers and which at the same time meet various market demands.   

For 60 years Ricca S.r.l. have specialised in the sale, servicing, repair and installation of MARINE ENGINES, INDUSTRIAL ENGINES, GENERATORS and their spare parts.


Our strenght points

Marine Engines

Sale and repair engines marine

Industrial Engines

Sale and repair Industrial engine


Sale, assistance and repair of generating sets

On Line warehouse

Intranet Access for order-handling


settore High technical competence with over sixty years of experience

Computer-based Warehouse

Our computerised spare parts warehouse covers an area of 4000 Sq m

Extensive Parts Supply Service

More than 25.000 spare parts available in our stock with same day dispatch.

Lead time

Receiving, processing and delivery times are among the fastest ones in this field

Our Partners

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Customer’s satisfaction is one of our  basic aims. For this reason, we offer a reliable and versatile service together with a widespread network of technicians that, through their mobile workshop,  give customers an on-site assistance, showing them closeness with professionalism and expertise.